Melty Melty

Feckin heat, I hate being overly warm. Unlike most the Irish population I do not look forward to the summer in the hope of a scorcher, I do not look forward to the swelthering heat that leaves everybody gasping for air, like a fish out of water. No, I like the cold, I work better, I feel happier, I don’t get headaches, I get to look forward to being out of the cold or the pissing rain, it’s like a mini reward every time. I am the Irish weather anti-persona, I am the crusader of cold, I am Jacks inflamed sense of rejection… ehh, ok I won’t go down that path 😛

Anyways on a stupid note, why are people still using the bastard child of win 98 and 2000? That’s windows ME for those of you that don’t know it. I’ve a machine sitting behind me that’s buggered, Internet explorer is buggered, so the only option with it is a reinstall (system restore buggered to) it’s all buggered! I seem to get quite a few people in with their windows 98, ME and sometimes 95 systems, get a new computer ffs! blurrrr

Thank feck the painkillers have kicked in 😀


So here I am in work again, and anyone that knows me, knows I work quite a bit. Not that I do anything overly hard or exciting. I’ve a ton of stuff to do, I could be designing, learning how to code new things, working on projects, browse the vastness of the internet, read forums and so on.  Yet I find myself utterly bored staring at the screen waiting for the day to be over. I suppose I have it in my head, that work is for doing my job type work, despite having the time to do plenty of other stuff. Hell, I had to push myself to even write this. I don’t think the warmth is helping, it’s warm enough today but the added 22 computers, a vending machine, networking gear, a printer etc… doesn’t help. I work better in the cold. Must be a troll thing.

So where was I? Oh yeah, upcoming projects/stuff I’ll be working on when I get time off work:

  • Operation Sleep – No real info for this yet, maybe soon.
  • Certification – Sanity or Computing? I’ll let you decide.
  • Smoothwall Server
  • Cisco Certification – Ongoing for a while now :S
  • Deployable multi-solution mini-servers.
  • Automated / managed wifi network – trying to design and build a solution for easy user addition/billing.
  • Advance knowledge of: C++, Java, Visual Basic

Also hai to Daniel who had his earthquake cherry popped in Japan. If for some bizzaro reason his girlfriend is reading this, I said EARTHQUAKE cherry.

Electro Gypsy

I can’t stop watching this, it’s freakin awesome. I’m a big fan of Weebl & Bob since they first came out, and I’m aware the humor can be juvenile but I like it, there’s also plenty of other cartoons that are just mindless fun. Sure give the site a go if you havn’t before it’ll keep you entertained for a bit 🙂

Hey Misssster Misssster I go Internet

To update on this wonderful working day in Longford I have a riddle for you (and the answer too):

Q: How many kids clad in “designer” track-suits does it take to set up a bebo account?

A: Five, and they wrecked my head every step of the way.

I’m actually surprised at how difficult it was for them to read the basic instructions, pretty dismal if they can’t actually read.  On top of it all no feckin manners. I hate being a desk monkey.

On another note, people are scum. It’s my job to keep an general eye on what’s going on in the Café, make sure people arn’t looking up porn, keep the place tidy etc.. so on a ramble just tidying, keeping a general eye, there’s a guy looking at an escort site taking down numbers. I personally don’t approve of whoresites, but there’s no policy against it, short of dodgy pics, he gets a call and directs someone to where the shop is.

So ten minutes pass, he’s off the site at this point (can see his screen from the desk), and in wanders his wife and kids. Was disgusted, it’s one thing for some guy perving, but a married guy with kids, c’mon. Maybe himself and the wife are into that sort of stuff, but I doubt it.

So much stuff

My head is feckin fried. I’m trying to tweak wordpress and there’s so much to do. I’m not complaing about wordpress, I’m just suprised how out of the loop I am. Css, php, widgets, categories, tagging, openid, technorati, (for the antispam), feeds, gravatar, ping backs etc… I need to get my head around it all, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, it’s just so overwhelming at the moment, time to make a to-do list, oooo a to-do plugin 😛 vicious circle.

Although I’m building something with this, I know there are plenty of guides on how to setup wordpress and various sites, but at the very least I’ll have something to remind myself how to do it. That reminds me, gotta tweak the perma-links. unFixed 🙂 (thanks for the info Ben)

Feckin Perverts

So here I am in work, just working away fixing a laptop at the desk (I work in an Internet Café), when I get a phone call, a guy calling to ask if I’ll get him a number off a website.

Normally I wouldn’t do this, if you’re not willing to come in and pay to use the computers why should I? But I’m in a relatively good mood, so I say, feck it why not. I ask him the site address, not gonna post it obviously, turns out it’s a feckin Irish escort site, then he blurbs out, “just give me the number of any of the girls there”. Jesus feckin Christ, who the hell rings up a random Internet Café looking for escort numbers??? Of course I didn’t give him any number, I don’t think it was a prank call either, as there was no laughing.

Not as strange as the guy who asked me to look up womens knickers before. I love my customers.

Old Rants

Ok so I wrote this rant years and it still holds true to this day, people never learn. I need content and I’m a bit on the hughover side (fun last night :D) so this is a copy and paste from my bebo page written over a year and a half ago.

How I wish people wouldn’t piss me off in work.

As the title says how not to piss me off in work (this is not directed at friends but is more of a rant than anything).

1) Don’t complain about the price of things after you’ve used a non-essential service, i.e. an Internet Café. No the price shouldn’t be what you think it should be, the price is what it’s displayed ON THE PRICE LIST, the same thing you checked when you came in!

2) Wait your bloody turn, I can only do one thing at a time. Don’t demand that I go help you especially when i’m busy with another customer.

3) Please don’t try to argue that after an hour you couldn’t log into your email and therefore you shoudln’t have to pay, no matter how many times you shout or raise your voice.

4) When wearing headphones try and remember that you don’t have to shout when talking to the person next to you.

5) Just because I work in an Internet Cafe doesn’t mean it’s ok to wander off the street and ask me what is the best broadband provider, how much they charge and what speeds they have. Do you walk into a shoe shop and ask who their supplier is and how much they charge? I thought not.
I have no problem giving advice to people I have seen at least once or twice before but not just random people.

6) Nobody wants to hear your music. Especially from a mile away, if ya want to go deaf you’re on the way. They’re personal music players, I do not want to hear your thumping dance music, I get enough of it from the passing cars. And what the hell is with that squeaky voice dance crap?

7) Pen + Monitor + Idiot = Angry Rob

8) Chairs are for sitting on oddly enough. Balancing on one leg is fantastic, until you fall over and try to claim for being an idiot. (The braindamage was there before they fell over, I swear.)

9) I am not a low cost babysitter. Don’t even think about leaving your kids here unattended, while you go off shoe shopping. I’ll call the social welfare people.

10) Last but not least, do you think it’s acceptable to be looking up porn in a public place? Well here’s a hint, it isn’t.

This has been an AngryBob Industries PSA