Hey Misssster Misssster I go Internet

To update on this wonderful working day in Longford I have a riddle for you (and the answer too):

Q: How many kids clad in “designer” track-suits does it take to set up a bebo account?

A: Five, and they wrecked my head every step of the way.

I’m actually surprised at how difficult it was for them to read the basic instructions, pretty dismal if they can’t actually read.  On top of it all no feckin manners. I hate being a desk monkey.

On another note, people are scum. It’s my job to keep an general eye on what’s going on in the Café, make sure people arn’t looking up porn, keep the place tidy etc.. so on a ramble just tidying, keeping a general eye, there’s a guy looking at an escort site taking down numbers. I personally don’t approve of whoresites, but there’s no policy against it, short of dodgy pics, he gets a call and directs someone to where the shop is.

So ten minutes pass, he’s off the site at this point (can see his screen from the desk), and in wanders his wife and kids. Was disgusted, it’s one thing for some guy perving, but a married guy with kids, c’mon. Maybe himself and the wife are into that sort of stuff, but I doubt it.

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  1. see it a lot myself. My policy on porn and escort sites are let em knock them selves out so long as there is no kids around.
    Its the foreign element that annoys me at times!

  2. Ah I don’t mind the foreign element, but scum is scum be they Irish or any other nationality. Well the policy is actually a work one, we don’t allow porn but sure you know yourself, there’s a fine line between what is “acceptable” and what isn’t. Personally I don’t like it, why would you look at it in public etc…

  3. Porn definetly should be prohibited when there is a danger of children seeing it.
    I think it is lack of education and common sense in some people in the out back that they dont realise the dangers

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