So here I am in work again, and anyone that knows me, knows I work quite a bit. Not that I do anything overly hard or exciting. I’ve a ton of stuff to do, I could be designing, learning how to code new things, working on projects, browse the vastness of the internet, read forums and so on.  Yet I find myself utterly bored staring at the screen waiting for the day to be over. I suppose I have it in my head, that work is for doing my job type work, despite having the time to do plenty of other stuff. Hell, I had to push myself to even write this. I don’t think the warmth is helping, it’s warm enough today but the added 22 computers, a vending machine, networking gear, a printer etc… doesn’t help. I work better in the cold. Must be a troll thing.

So where was I? Oh yeah, upcoming projects/stuff I’ll be working on when I get time off work:

  • Operation Sleep – No real info for this yet, maybe soon.
  • Certification – Sanity or Computing? I’ll let you decide.
  • Smoothwall Server
  • Cisco Certification – Ongoing for a while now :S
  • Deployable multi-solution mini-servers.
  • Automated / managed wifi network – trying to design and build a solution for easy user addition/billing.
  • Advance knowledge of: C++, Java, Visual Basic

Also hai to Daniel who had his earthquake cherry popped in Japan. If for some bizzaro reason his girlfriend is reading this, I said EARTHQUAKE cherry.

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  1. haha, well it’s only 2 books, and they have to arrive first. Plan on having them read in 2 days 😀 oh and Pratchett’s – Making Money, that’ll probably take me longer.

  2. Oh yeah! Gotta love those earthquakes!
    It was pretty weird to just have everything shaking though.
    (I’m this Daniel he speaks of btw)

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