So you’re browsing on ebay, you happen to see an ad or search for perhaps a plasma tv and the first link that comes up is a nice shiny “PHILIPS 50″ PLASMA TV 1080p HD READY” for the sum of €52, €62 including delivery. Guess what, it may just be too good to be true!

As I write this, the total number these TVs they had in stock was 330, it’s now down to 265. Guess what, these aren’t gonna be shipped, and that’s €3380 the scammer has made on these TVs, not to mention they have plenty of other high value products for the low low price of €52. They’ve got ps3’s, Nokia n95’s, wii’s, ds’s, laptops, gps, etc..

So why are people falling for this? One thing being, it’s advertised as being a Gardai auction. There are plenty of giveaways that this is fake.

  • The main one being the feedback on the persons account. It’s all from people with zero feedback on theirs.
  • The next giveaway is the first transactions on the account, they’re for babygrows… and a whopping €1 each transaction, from the same person too. Odd, I think so.
  • Wording and spelling: , this a a great giveaway, “Genuine Gardai Auctions”, genuine on ebay means fake. “All goods fully country compatible”, I know what they mean by this, but it makes no sense the way it’s written. “Your Purcase”, maiow, spell check Isle 5.
  • Another thing with the wording was, this is a Garda auction, i.e. the goods were recovered by the Criminal Assets Bureau, yet they have phrases like “reduced to clear”.

So all in all, this is a pretty easy scam to spot, yet the TVs are still selling. Only if people would just look harder rather than jumping at such a “great” deal.

I really don’t know if I feel sorry for people caught by this, I know to look at feed back, I know not to just glance over it when it’s such a great deal or rare item. But for the average Internet user, the exciting new world of online buying, holiday bookings, beboing, facefeck, “free” music, it’s very easy to be fucked over, at the same time, don’t expect something for nothing. (Maybe I’ll add ads to the site, I joke).

Personally I hope the scammers have their face kicked in, but I’m not a very nice person now am I? On a side note, I have reported the user to ebay and paypal, hopefully they’ll freeze the funds and prevent the guy getting the money.

Coffee Dependency

Who here loves (orange soda) coffee? I do, I do!!!

So I’m gonna be trying to cut back on coffee. When it comes to the point that I need it to do everything, in perticular stay awake and alert. It’s not longer a pick-me-up but a requirement to go. So today (another 12 hr shift in Longford) I’m going to attempt to get by on one cup.

See the thing is, this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted this, in fact it could be in the double digits with regards to how many times I’ve attempted to cut down / quit. Wonder if I’ll last, sure why bother at all? Well I’ve started back to Taekwon-Do and using the gym, which is starting to feel good, despite draining me of all energy, but that’ll start to even itself out as I get fitter. Hell I’ve even started cooking for myself, strange times. So in the interest of improving my physical health, I’ll be cutting back on my addictions, sugar’s gonna be hard.

So here’s too kicking my drug of choice. Think I’ll celebrate with a cup of coffee.

Coffee - how do you take yours?
Photo owned by Moor To Sea (cc)

Minor update, so far down from 5-6 cups to 1-2, so all going well 😀 *twitch*

A soberish night out

Went to Ballymahon last Saturday night to the Bog Lane Theater to see Hamell on Trial supported by Spud Nigger, and what an awesome gig it was. The only downside was that I couldn’t drink 🙁 feckin anti-biotics, feckin body not doing it’s job, rant rant, etc.. Not that I didn’t have a can of beer, than the very generous Spud Nigger members threw out to the crowd mid song! Yeah that’s right, where else does a band give you free beer? Anywho Hamell on Trial is pretty dam good, although by no means tame or for the easily offended.

The great thing about both acts was that they got the crowd going, there’s one thing to be at a gig and watching the show, but when you’re made be part of it, it’s even more fun, and that’s what everyone want’s isn’t it? Another thing, fair ball to Tadgh and Sean for the crazy punkesk hairstyles. Where else would you get away with a green white and orange mohawk when it’s not Paddy’s Day?

A quick bus ride back to Athlone, and it’s pub time. Myself and (another) Sean, went to the newly reopened 41’s. It’s more or less the same tbh, just a lick of paint, some new tvs, new bar staff, not too bad. I decided I’d have one pint, and in fairness I kept it at that 🙂 and ran into a college friend (met very few of them out over the summer, odd).

So you’re probably wondering why the feck i’m telling you in detail about my night, I know I wouldn’t be interested, but there’s a point coming up, I swear, keep reading 😀

For some ungodly reason, I agreed to go to a nightclub, bozos (club q bleh), ran into some more friends, and at this point I was drinking red bull, had some in Ballymahon too, and as the night progressed I had some more red bull, and more. Eventually I went home, buzzing like a fridge. Here’s the point I was talking about, don’t drink redbull. I got home and was as hyper, my housemates were still up, chatting away, and I joined them, jittering way, feet tapping, feeling like I could run a mile. so I eventually got to sleep, the next day, I felt like shit, worse than a hangover, I had a caffeine and sugar hangover. At least beer gives you actual energy, where the redbull just stimulates you and makes you burn your own engergy 😛

So to sum that all up, feck redbull, have a pint. That was long and pointless, awesome 😀


I’m back 🙂 was away for a few days and in general just avoiding being online as much as possible. So frig all going on, back to college in September looking forward to that, well except for the crazy ass fees I’ve got to pay, over 3k 🙁

Word of advice, if you’re gonna drop out of college do it in first year, before the year’s over 😛
I originally started college doing a Computing course, a Degree in Computing to be exact, course title changed twice while I was at it. Turned out to be too much business for my liking, I hate business, in the sense of that’s where I’d be heading. I’d like the option to specialise in hardware or software, but not just with business as my target area. I’d be finished college by now if I’d stuck at it, could be working in “business”, feck that. I want to be working with hardware, programming, fixing stuff, not be stuck in a help desk role for all my life, “your spreadsheet isn’t working?”, that in my head is where “business” gets you with computers.

Anywho this turned into a bit of a rant for no real reason. Ah well, all good then 🙂

Edit: Just got my form in for my college fees, turns out I made a mistake somewhere, it’s only costing me 2500 instead of over 3k, not as bad 😛

Google Earth = Email?

So I was just talking with Daniel, well more at him than with, about a customer who came in asking to check email, then sat at the computer and launched Google Earth. Fair enough, each to their own (think she eventually got to her email), when an idea dawned on me, it’d be pretty cool if you could track where your email came from, maybe even follow it on it’s journey. It would have no practical uses other than amusing you once or twice, or even to see how routing works.

But thinking about this another idea pops out. How about plotting all the major hubs that are used for data transfer and see how efficient the Internet actually is. Would it be possible to map the Internet? Honestly I can see no other purpose for this other than satisfying my curiosity. It’s just an idea, maybe even an end of course project for college. We’ll see, more research is needed. 🙂

A little searching around for Internet Mapping Project, I came across some old projects, but they’re in excess of 4/5 years old. So this may be something newish and fun to do if it hasn’t already been done to death.