Google Earth = Email?

So I was just talking with Daniel, well more at him than with, about a customer who came in asking to check email, then sat at the computer and launched Google Earth. Fair enough, each to their own (think she eventually got to her email), when an idea dawned on me, it’d be pretty cool if you could track where your email came from, maybe even follow it on it’s journey. It would have no practical uses other than amusing you once or twice, or even to see how routing works.

But thinking about this another idea pops out. How about plotting all the major hubs that are used for data transfer and see how efficient the Internet actually is. Would it be possible to map the Internet? Honestly I can see no other purpose for this other than satisfying my curiosity. It’s just an idea, maybe even an end of course project for college. We’ll see, more research is needed. 🙂

A little searching around for Internet Mapping Project, I came across some old projects, but they’re in excess of 4/5 years old. So this may be something newish and fun to do if it hasn’t already been done to death.

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  1. It wouldn’t be that simple, a tracert only works when you run it on a certain location, so you’d have to already know where to run a tracert on. What you could do is run it on all known existing websites, but you’d miss the networks that have nothing to do with sites.

    Then to actually format the results in a way that it’s useable or can be plotted, be it on a map or some sort of readable layout.

  2. ^ NO WRONG. I mean for tracking an email. I quote:

    could track where you email came from

    . The headers show where the email originated so you would know the location. And the results are IPs/hostnames which can easily be plugged into a geolocation database to show each hop on a map. In fact I’ve used a program that shows each hop on a map like a journey. Can’t remember name. Also: 😛

  3. @Bannon ah yes, but you never mentioned email in your first post 😛
    I’ve seen that map, but it’s not very useful. I suppose if I can find a purpose for the map, then at least it could be shaped into something 😛

    @Bean everyone knows the internet is stored in old jam jars. 😀

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