I’m back 🙂 was away for a few days and in general just avoiding being online as much as possible. So frig all going on, back to college in September looking forward to that, well except for the crazy ass fees I’ve got to pay, over 3k 🙁

Word of advice, if you’re gonna drop out of college do it in first year, before the year’s over 😛
I originally started college doing a Computing course, a Degree in Computing to be exact, course title changed twice while I was at it. Turned out to be too much business for my liking, I hate business, in the sense of that’s where I’d be heading. I’d like the option to specialise in hardware or software, but not just with business as my target area. I’d be finished college by now if I’d stuck at it, could be working in “business”, feck that. I want to be working with hardware, programming, fixing stuff, not be stuck in a help desk role for all my life, “your spreadsheet isn’t working?”, that in my head is where “business” gets you with computers.

Anywho this turned into a bit of a rant for no real reason. Ah well, all good then 🙂

Edit: Just got my form in for my college fees, turns out I made a mistake somewhere, it’s only costing me 2500 instead of over 3k, not as bad 😛

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