A soberish night out

Went to Ballymahon last Saturday night to the Bog Lane Theater to see Hamell on Trial supported by Spud Nigger, and what an awesome gig it was. The only downside was that I couldn’t drink 🙁 feckin anti-biotics, feckin body not doing it’s job, rant rant, etc.. Not that I didn’t have a can of beer, than the very generous Spud Nigger members threw out to the crowd mid song! Yeah that’s right, where else does a band give you free beer? Anywho Hamell on Trial is pretty dam good, although by no means tame or for the easily offended.

The great thing about both acts was that they got the crowd going, there’s one thing to be at a gig and watching the show, but when you’re made be part of it, it’s even more fun, and that’s what everyone want’s isn’t it? Another thing, fair ball to Tadgh and Sean for the crazy punkesk hairstyles. Where else would you get away with a green white and orange mohawk when it’s not Paddy’s Day?

A quick bus ride back to Athlone, and it’s pub time. Myself and (another) Sean, went to the newly reopened 41’s. It’s more or less the same tbh, just a lick of paint, some new tvs, new bar staff, not too bad. I decided I’d have one pint, and in fairness I kept it at that 🙂 and ran into a college friend (met very few of them out over the summer, odd).

So you’re probably wondering why the feck i’m telling you in detail about my night, I know I wouldn’t be interested, but there’s a point coming up, I swear, keep reading 😀

For some ungodly reason, I agreed to go to a nightclub, bozos (club q bleh), ran into some more friends, and at this point I was drinking red bull, had some in Ballymahon too, and as the night progressed I had some more red bull, and more. Eventually I went home, buzzing like a fridge. Here’s the point I was talking about, don’t drink redbull. I got home and was as hyper, my housemates were still up, chatting away, and I joined them, jittering way, feet tapping, feeling like I could run a mile. so I eventually got to sleep, the next day, I felt like shit, worse than a hangover, I had a caffeine and sugar hangover. At least beer gives you actual energy, where the redbull just stimulates you and makes you burn your own engergy 😛

So to sum that all up, feck redbull, have a pint. That was long and pointless, awesome 😀

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  1. It was weird. We heard Rob’s voice, saw a Rob-shaped silhouette, but it was blurry, like something vibrating at a high frequency… Kind of a high-speed ghost encounter. 😀

  2. How many Red Bulls did you have? O.o
    It took 6 Foosh (100mg each), two cans of Kick and two tins of Bawls to get me like that

  3. About 6 I think in total. It could have been 5, or it could have been 7, that’s why I’m saying 6, I can’t remember haha. I’d love to see you hooked to a heart monitor Popple after all that, would make for an interesting dance tune.

  4. LOL. gg 😛 And to think I had about 2x what popple3 had that LAN :S This year I had 4 1-litre bottles of diet kick, 6 cans of kick and some other crap and I ended up with the sleeping bag over my head rocking back and forth watching futurama. =)

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