Coffee Dependency

Who here loves (orange soda) coffee? I do, I do!!!

So I’m gonna be trying to cut back on coffee. When it comes to the point that I need it to do everything, in perticular stay awake and alert. It’s not longer a pick-me-up but a requirement to go. So today (another 12 hr shift in Longford) I’m going to attempt to get by on one cup.

See the thing is, this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted this, in fact it could be in the double digits with regards to how many times I’ve attempted to cut down / quit. Wonder if I’ll last, sure why bother at all? Well I’ve started back to Taekwon-Do and using the gym, which is starting to feel good, despite draining me of all energy, but that’ll start to even itself out as I get fitter. Hell I’ve even started cooking for myself, strange times. So in the interest of improving my physical health, I’ll be cutting back on my addictions, sugar’s gonna be hard.

So here’s too kicking my drug of choice. Think I’ll celebrate with a cup of coffee.

Coffee - how do you take yours?
Photo owned by Moor To Sea (cc)

Minor update, so far down from 5-6 cups to 1-2, so all going well 😀 *twitch*

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  1. i was / am addicted to the coffee out of the statoil garage.

    Used to be addicted to the coffee in the net cafe but then i realised who was responsible for cleaning it every night :-\

  2. It’s just so good. Managed to stick to one cup yesterday, one today, trying to keep it at that 🙂

    Are we talking instant water coffee or the stuff that grids in front of you and made of milk? Honestly, I drink any type haha, except expresso, too bitter for my taste.

    Our coffee is relatively ok too in the Café, but we don’t service the machine. Speaking of which, Paddy or Jerome, if you’re reading, remember to empty the feckin drip tray! 😛

    Was that you or a colleague that was supposed to be cleaning it at night ? haha

  3. I managed to kick off the habit of putting tons of sugar in my tea, so I don’t see why you couldn’t manage to drink less coffee.

    Of course, personally I can’t understand why someone would drink that vile stuff in the first place. But hey… 😀

  4. Hey little bro, my sympathy goes out to ya! I’m in the same boat and have been told that as part of a food allergy test I should cut out coffee and chocolate (yeah right…as it that is going to happen!)….however I have mellowed from espresso to maxwell house coffee. Withdrawal symptoms are minimum so far but hey, it’s been only one day so far! Luckily, we live 2 mins from a pyschiatric hospital if things get really bad!!!

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