So I see ya there, wondering what in the name of sweet tap dancing budda is this site about?

Well the whole purpose of this is somewhere I can spill my brains and keep track of what I’m working on, a project management tool as such. Also it’s somewhere to keep my head demons in check, lots of crazy ideas, need to store them somewhere and some just pointless thoughts, so instead of letting them fade away I’ll put them here.

A little about me besides the crazy:

Well I’m from Athlone (Ireland), currently studying Mobile Communications and Electronics in A.I.T. also working for an Internet Café, doing everything from cashier monkey to tech monkey to customer service monkey (I’m a super monkey).

Personally I consider myself a jack of all trades (tech wise), I’ll try to fix, build, design or program anything that’s put in front of me. On occasion when I get some time and can muster the energy I follow up on one of my many projects I’ve been intending to do for years, in fact this blog/site is one of those many projects 😛

I love coffee, feckin can’t get enough of the stuff, the life juice of any late night loving, 5am bed time, sun hating individual, yumm coffee.

I’m not overly sporty, but I practice Taekwon-Do (when work and booze doesn’t prevent me), and try to make it to the gym on occasion.

I’m a fan of just about anything animated, martial arts films, wide range of music, love reading etc.. may put more detail in later, getting bored now 😛

That’s it for now, may update it more as I go along.


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