Chopper Dave, We Have Uh-Oh!

Well it’s only taken me 7 years, but I’m back.

So what, why, where, who, wallaby?

  1. What? – It’s a blog, about things, things I like, things I hate, things I can stand, things I tolerate, but things. It’s a blog about things.
  2. Why? – Why not. Well, mainly because I need a hobby that isn’t alcohol dependant.
  3. Where? – Here of course, and across the various internet tie ins, mainly Facebook, I don’t do twitter or any other platforms (subject to change).
  4. Who? – Well… me, Rob, the one who Raves.
  5. Wallaby? – Errr… ask the Australians. (It rhymed, kinda, leave me alone!)

So after 7 years of a hiatius (read: Laziness) I have decided to bring this blog back to life. Mainly for logging and talking about some beers I like. Secondly to vent some thoughts / ideas, and I do mean vent. I may produce posts that will be forever listed as private and never see the light of errr… internet day, but it’s good to have it written down somewhere. The encrypted text file I have doesn’t really fit under my mattress anymore, plus I think the wife will ask why have I got a flashdrive under the mattress that requires biometric details and a pin (sketchy as feck).

So anyways, if someone actually reads this, hello, good to see you again. Welcome back to RobRaves. More stuff, coming soonish.


By the way, I’m well aware this is the 3rd time “I’m back”, the last two times were maybes, this time, I’m for reals. 😛

You see “:P” means I’m being serious… do you judge me, screw your emoticons.