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This is a test, this is a chair.

Drinking Coffee, It’s good for ya *twitch, twitch*

Websites: Athlone and the Midlands Technology user group. Essentially a group to organise events and meet-ups for those interested in technology, software, open source etc…. – currently defunt, we’re considering bringing it back. We’ll see.



Simon Says You Should Really Drink This – My friend Simon’s blog on beer. One of the best around., give it a look-see.


Web Comics:

Something Positive – My favorite comic, it’s the kind that you like or you don’t. It follows the lives of Davan, Aubury, Pee-Jee and Jason along with a host of other characters as they get on with life and try to find a point and in between some gaming (board and role playing) jokes . There are other comics on the site too by RK Milholland including Super Stupor a comic based on the social side of super heros and villians.

XKCD – “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language.” One of the funniest comics I’ve ever read. It takes time to understand some of the jokes, but they’re smart and funny, so well worth it decrypting them, you’ll learn something too.


Questionable Content – Following the lives of a group of “hipsters” and somewhat Indie characters, QC is a good read with quality artwork and hidden jokes/references galore, although the Indie band references usually go over my head. What’s that? Death Cab For Cutie? Yes they’re the only real indie band I know :S

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